Nnbs intake on lq4

Gen Iii Ls Ls2 on Sale. Doing an LSA supercharger swap? We have you covered with all the basic LSA supercharger swap parts to get your boosted project on its way. Install the remaining TP sensor cover clips in the sequence shown. I will ship if need be. That's pretty good Bolton.

View Details. Drive-by-Wire phased inon most models. Can be used with any ls2, ls3, ls7, Trailblazer SS, NNBS, 4 bolt aftermarket or oem intake manifolds and any 3 bolt intakes with an adapter. A common upgrade for Silverado, this intake has significant gains on the 4. There were many different intakes used on the LS series motors. You can network geographically-dispersed audio and communications devices of any brand or technology type over.

Engine runs amazing without load. However these vans weren't meant to go that fast and it gets pretty rattly in the back over 75mph or so.

Would be good to cam swap and build for an older muscle car. This is a discussion on Lq4 intake vs ls6 intake within the External Engine forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; ok iv been looking around a bit and found that the truck intakes make better numbers than the ls6 intake.

Complete intake with injectors and throttle body off Silverado nnbs same as tbss. Also the Fast intake showed huge gains, stock tuning, and 90mm tb not the mm. Throttle Body. Most LSA superchargers end up going on 5. Send In Your Silverado 4. I've got a height issue in my swap. Another would go a long way toward longevity and safety as well. However, the LS3 had a 4. In good condition. Nnbs intake manifold. CRC GDI Intake Valve Cleaner gets you more power, torque, airflow and fuel efficiency and can help solve rough starts and is safe for turbos, intercoolers.

Upgrading your current or future LQ4 6. Completely stock motor with truck intake on it. Great for your Ls swap. What does the stock intake look like?

To gain a perspective on how aftermarket intakes function, the stock intake There have been no reported consistent "bad" intakes on the market. Buy your Lsx Lq4 Lq9 right now!

Highlighting a lot of lsx lq4 lq9 available on sale online.This swap will require modification to your vehicle and is not recommended for novice installers. Yes, but you will need to find a solution to mount the cable bracket. You can either fabricate your own cable mount or use our throttle cable bracket that has been specifically designed for this application found here. The fuel filter will snap directly on to the inlet of the TBSS fuel rails if the inlet is bent upwards carefully.

nnbs intake on lq4

However, we typically run a short section of fuel line from the outlet of the filter to the inlet of the fuel rail so that the fuel filter can be mounted further forward to allow for more fuel line clearance at the firewall. The C5 Corvette fuel filter has an internal fuel pressure regulator and regulates to a static 58 PSI of fuel pressure. Be sure to account for the static fuel pressure in your ECM programming.

The MAP sensor wiring sometimes needs to be removed from factory wiring loom, but the wire length is more than sufficient to reach the new location. The stock intake bolts can be used, but the intake manifold bolt isolator rubber grommet will need to be removed.

The TBSS intake does not use intake manifold bolt isolators. Alternatively, we have bolts that are compatible with the TBSS intake manifold bolts available for purchase found here. Tuning is highly recommended anytime changes are made to the induction or fuel system.

This intake is a substantial change to the induction system and if your existing fuel injectors are not reused the injectors included with this intake may result in a significant change in fuel rate as well. Because of these changes, a tune revision is highly recommended.

Depending on your existing injectors, adapters may be required. The correct injector wiring adapters can be found found here. On a truck, several changes need to be made. You will either need to utilize 3-bolt to 4-bolt throttle body adapter to retain your OEM throttle body or purchase an aftermarket DBC style throttle body mm recommended size - We have a selection of DBC throttle bodies available here. A new throttle cable bracket will be needed, which we have available for purchase here.

Multec II to EV6 style injector adapters will be required found here. Minor changes are required to adapt your existing EVAP lines see above. Although this intake is more of a "bolt-on" for models compared to earlier trucks, some modifications will still need to be made to adapt the intake. This intake utilizes a 4-bolt 90mm throttle body. If you change to one of the throttle bodies listed, your truck will require an X-Link throttle signal converter to operate with your OEM TAC system found here.

This intake does not have the hose barb for your PCV fresh air side, so you will need to plumb your PCV fresh air side into your air intake somewhere before the throttle body. See above for EVAP modifications. If your truck does not currently use EV6 style injectors, adapters will be required found here.

The L92 intakes have LS3 style square port runners. My datalog showed very little, if any, restriction on the intake side even at that high of an RPM. It was certainly one of the best changes I made to my truck and was night and day vs the stock truck intake. The TBSS intake is a substantially improved intake design vs the stock truck intake.

Exact power gains cannot be predicted due to varying differences in engine combinations. Search Home Product Categories. Cooling System. Exhaust System.By Mr. Tbss intakes are hyped up by everyone wanting one. While the newer intakes are cheaper and just as sufficient. Iirc it's 87mm compared to a 90mm which is minimal. The power difference would be negligible imo. The only thing I'm not sure of is if your fuel rails will fit it.

TBSS Intake Manifold Install 99-07 Silverado 5.3

But everything else I think would work. Guys over at pt. Great info on the tbss vs l92 intake. This is something I would like to do and you guys have helped me with an answer. We need a sticky for this! If you use the TBSS injectors you will need injector adapters. I ported mine and will let yall know the gains of the swap after its installed and retuned which will probably be this weekend. You got er. You can use your old evap if you're good at doing a little bit of plumbing.

But that's kinda ghetto, I still need to purchase a new gen lV evap. Do you have a part number for these adapters? I didn't know I will need these. Also did you port the throttle body and the intake or just the throttle body? I am looking into porting both before I install mine.

I'm not sure I trust myself to install mine on my own either I ported just the throttle body. I didn't want to risk ruining the structural strength of the intake because of the horror stories about the ported tbss intakes. Install however isn't hard. Just don't drop anything into the heads. Just take your time and its not bad at all. Thanks for the link. I was reading the ported intake horror stories too.

I will probably just port the TBSS throttle body on mine. The only part of the install I am unsure of is the hose that goes back to the firewall on the drivers side sorry not sure what the hose is and how it connects. Do I just need to slide a piece of hose on the side by the firewall like it does in the intake? I am not sure. The hose I'm talking about goes from the firewall area up to the front drivers side of the intake. There's a sensor there on the side.

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Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.With some 40 GM part numbers covering the list of intake manifolds for more than 25 variations of the Gen III and Gen IV LS engine family, identifying a swap meet intake or planning a manifold swap can get a little confusing.

Millions of LS engines were produced and are now favorites for swaps into early model cars and trucks. Everything else changed, including the cylinder block deck height, the firing order, and the connecting rod length. LS engines were produced for cars and trucks from through the model year.

With millions of LS engines installed in production GM vehicles over 16 years, there are plenty available for swaps into older cars and trucks. Sometimes a salvage yard engine will be missing an intake, or perhaps the goal is to build a LS engine from scratch. Again, this guide will help identify intakes at swap meets, junkyards or even checking out listings online. Required Disclaimer. A note of caution: this list was compiled from a variety of sources and is not guaranteed to be all-inclusive.

In fact, just as this story was completed, two more numbers and were discovered on an internet forum. Among the numerous innovations introduced with the LS engine line was the use of composite intake manifolds for both the car and truck versions of the V8.

The first manifold for the LS1 Corvette engine was constructed from about eight pounds of injected nylon. It was lightweight and flowed well, given the dimensional restrictions placed on the engineers when the C5 Corvette was designed.

The LS7 has a flat floor while the LS1 has a cavity running the full length. Also note the difference in ribbing between the ports. The LS1 was the first of the LS engine line, so improvements followed over the years, including the release of the LS6.

That intake flowed more volume and eliminated the EGR valve. Naturally, owners of LS1-powered cars looking for upgrades turned to the LS6 intake as a viable option.

In other words, not all intakes will swap with each other. There are a number of hurdles to clear when looking over the list, simply due to the wide range of engines developed from the LS architecture. Though these are aftermarket manifolds, they demonstrate the difference between rectangular port left and cathedral port designs. The earlier engines had cathedral-port cylinder heads while the latter generation sported rectangular-port heads.

Most Gen III engines, except for the Corvette and select trucks, had manually operated, cable-controlled throttle bodies, while the Gen IV engines had throttle-by-wire, which simplified functions like traction control and cruise control. This complicates potential cross-breeding between different intakes and throttle bodies, though some intakes like the LS6 will work with both manual and electronic units.

And even within the same generation of engines, there were differences between some models. For example, the LS2 intake physically fits on a LS6 engine, but the fuel rails, injectors, MAP sensor and throttle body bolt pattern are all different. And these differences grow even more when comparing the car and truck versions, which is a shame because there are so many more used truck engines available for a bargain.

These composite intakes are manufactured from a nylon with glass-fiber reinforcement. Making sure the hood clears. The problem will be hood clearance. Truck engines always had a taller intake, allowing longer runners for better low- and mid-range torque.This is one of the highest flowing factory intakes available for the LSX engine platform. Originally equipped on the 6. A common upgrade for Silverado, this intake has significant gains on the 4.

Suitable for any cathedral port LSX based project or restomod, and the best bang-for-buck intake manifold upgrade out there. Included with the intake are:. If you have any questions or are unsure of something, please ask before purchasing. Cancellations will not be made for purchasing errors. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure that they enter the correct shipping information at the time of purchase. Once an item has shipped, we can not make edits to the shipment, including the shipping address provided.

Most items ship in business days. Shipping is available for customers outside of the Contiguous United States, please contact us for the best and most accurate rate quote.

nnbs intake on lq4

All images and text contained within this listing are protected by intellectual property copyright law and are intended for the sole use of Glenn's Auto Performance. Untitled Document View Store Feedback. LEGAL All images and text contained within this listing are protected by intellectual property copyright law and are intended for the sole use of Glenn's Auto Performance.

nnbs intake on lq4

Glenn's Auto Performance, 4.The 5. The reason behind the popularity is that they are both powerful and plentiful, always a good combination. GM produced literally millions of trucks and in many cases the 5.

What this means is that there are also thousands upon thousands of truck intake manifolds available. As luck would have it, the factory truck intake is a solid performer, bettering both the original LS1 and LS2 for power and nearly matching the much-sought-after LS6. With the original truck intake being so versatile, is it possible to better the factory truck intake?

We hoped to illustrate a few important points with this intake shootout. The first being, is the much-vaunted Trail Blazer SS manifold really better than the original truck intake?

Before we could start testing we needed a suitable test engine. Choosing the test engine was as important as the intakes we planned to run.

LS Truck Intake Dyno Shootout

Compared on a bone-stock engine, the gains offered by the TBSS and LSXRT would be greatly minimized, but running them on an hp, big-inch stroker would be equally foolish. The best compromise was to test them on what the majority of enthusiasts are running, so naturally we turned to the 5.

Rather than run them on a stock LM7, we upgraded our high-mileage, junkyard engine with ported heads and a cam. The GenX heads were designed specifically for the small-bore LS applications 4.

The spring package supplied on the GenX heads was more than adequate for the hydraulic roller cam lift and rpm potential.

For testing, the 5. The LM7 was run sans accessories and with a manual throttle body swapped in place of the drive-by-wire unit. To start the test, we installed the early truck intake and Accufab throttle body. Equipped with the TBSS intake, the power numbers increased to hp at 6, rpm and lb-ft at 5, rpm. The TBSS intake improved the power output from 4, rpm. The power was up nearly everywhere with the LSXRT, to say nothing of nearly reaching the hp mark, but the question remains.

Is the extra 20 or so horsepower worth the cost of the FAST manifold? That is something every 5. Our test engine was a high-mileage 5. The LSR cam offered a 0. Equipped with the new Comp cam and TFS heads, the modified 5. First on the list of truck intakes to be tested was this factory early truck manifold.

The most common of all truck intakes, this is the manifold that accompanied our 5. We replaced the factory drive-by-wire throttle body with this manual version from Accufab.

In truth, the 5. Run with the early truck intake, the modified 5. Next up was the Trail Blazer SS intake. Similar in design to the early truck intake, the TBSS manifold nonetheless featured subtle improvements in runner length and cross section designed to improve power production. The throttle opening on the TBSS was larger than the early truck manifold.Sign up now Anger management: 10 tips to tame your temperKeeping your temper in check can be challenging.

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nnbs intake on lq4

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Spotter’s Guide to Identifying Factory LS Intake Manifolds

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