Necromancer build divinity 2

What are builds, you ask? So, what kind of build should you use? That depends on a lot of factors - different people do well with different builds. Not only can you summon this gigantic incarnate, you can also do heavy attacks yourself! This build combines summoning, warfare, and pyro skills to pack a punch. The key to this build is the master of sparks spell, which sends flaming sparks flying during melee attacks. Another important part is your incarnate, which you should summon in flames.

The great thing about rogues is that they can go in for the kill and then sneak out, and this build helps you do that even better. It focuses on scoundrel skills, warfare skills, finesse, and wit so that rogues can do massive critical hits. It also helps that elves have flesh sacrifice as a natural ability, which makes this build do even more damage.

Are you a pyromaniac? Do you like making things explode? The pyro skills in this build will let you burn the battlefield to a crisp, while your geomancer skills give you the option to make it explode.

You can grow horns, tentacles, and wings, and even turn your opponents into chickens! Though this two-handed build deals a great amount of damage, it also makes sure that your character lives to see their enemies fall. Do you like using spells to cause mass destruction?

If so, this build might be the one for you. Here we have another build that involves summoning. This one is especially great fordoing ranged attacks from afar, while your incarnate deals the melee attacks. With different types of elemental arrows, this build can seriously damage magic armor, but it can also do physical damage if needed. In short, the elemental archer can deal with all types of enemies on the battlefield.

I say that being able to take hits while also doing great damage is definitely a win-win. Overall, this build is good as a shield for protecting party members, which is always welcome! Skip to main content.

Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 20 Dec pm. Build your party into a team that'll make enemies cower in fear! BY: Elizabeth H. So, what kind of builds have you tried in DOS2?

What summoner of sparks excels in: High intelligence stats increase the damage of your spells. Having more than 10 summoning points gives you a god-tier incarnate. Being able to buff both yourself and your incarnate gives you an extra advantage!

Focus on your intelligence, wits, memory, summoning, and pyro skills.Divinity can be a tough game, so with that in mind, we put together a list of characters and classes that are so strong, it will make any enemy a joke.

Keep in mind that every character can't be great at all times, but the ones listed below excel at specific niches or a variety of things. We've tried to come up with not just the best combination of abilities, but the best races and play styles to suit those abilities. This section discusses how to make the most out of the premade party members you'll find on your journey. He also starts as a dual-wielding wand user. However, he's also an Undead, which means he can't heal through curative magics.

With that in mind, we suggest the following. This build will amplify what the game already suggests you do with Fane. Geomancer is very important because it's both powerful and can be used to heal Fane. Pyrokinetic is amazing when combined with Geomancer, because it lets you blow up the poison, dealing additional burn damage. Lastly, Necromancer is great to round him off, offering a wide array of spells that allow you to heal and deal damage all at once.

This is an alternate character build for Fane. This goes against his default setup and instead focuses on the fact he is a skeleton.

This build switches Fane from a mage to a Ranger. The Huntsman and Geomancer class work well together, and since Fane is a skeleton, he will benefit from the many poison skills you gain access to. Pyro still is great for blowing up the poison and focusing on Finesse over Intelligence will make him a powerful ranged combatant. This murderous elf is a Rogue type by default. This feeds perfectly into her abilities, and makes her one of the best Rogues possible.

This combination of skills is designed to make her a powerhouse of damage. You want to focus heavily on Dual Wielding and Scoundrel to maximize mobility and damage.

Necromancy makes a great third skill as it gives her some curative options and a few other handy spells later on. Grabbing just 1 or 2 points of Polymorph are also great, as it will allow you to pump up your stat points while also giving access to some powerful transformation skills like Chicken Claw and Spread Your Wings. Elf's have the Flesh Sacrifice skill which fits perfectly with the Rogue style of gameplay. This is due to many Scoundrel skills having exactly 1 AP cost.

For this reason, we suggest Sebille sticks to this style of gameplay. This royal lizard is a front line warrior by default. He does have some flexibility, but we suggest he stays on the front lines, so that his Fire Breath never goes to waste.

This build for the Prince is designed to make him a flaming warrior of destruction. Focus heavily on Warfare, Pyrokinetic and Geomancer.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Divinity: Original Sin 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Last edited by Trini Gamer ; 16 Sep, am. Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments. Necro is not a build, every point in necromancy gives you passive lifesteal while necromancy skills deal physical damage and stack with Intelligence.

You can combine necro with any other wizard so they can deal both physical and magical damage or combine it with a healer to be able to do something when your team doesn't need heals. It's an easy build. Can't really think of any tips to give other then put points in int and necro.

I would say not to use it as a primary source of damage for a rogue Necro is more about leeching health off people and putting a variety of dots on them. Originally posted by Toadally Awesome :.

necromancer build divinity 2

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Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.D ivinity: Original Sin 2 is in full swing, and one of the major issues players are having with the game is Builds. What Build do I use? Since the game is extremely difficult this has come much more into focus than one would expect. In this Build Guide were going to cover one of my personal favorites: Death Knight.

necromancer build divinity 2

The Death Knight is a popular well-known Build around the community, and it uses a mix of Warfareand Necromancer Skills. The reason Necromancer synergizes well with melee characters is because most of its Skills are resisted by Physical Armour and some have short range making them slightly less useful to Rangers.

Characters who utilize this skill line will also be able to heal themselves for a good amount of Vitality quite regularly, which is great because you should be taking more damage as a melee character.

Note that any Race can play this Buildthere is no obvious choice. This is an example of a level 14 Death Knight. I use a Two-Handed weapon and focus a bit more on Strength than Constitution for extra damage.

You can see I have a huge Vitality pool from Picture of Health, making me nearly unkillable, even with not a whole lot of Armor.

Increase Necromancer if you want to do more healing. When making a Death Knight build you really only need to focus on a few Attributes. First is Strength.

Secondly there is Constitution. Constitution is very important for a Death Knight because you want to get hit, but not die. This Attribute will provide some leeway by increasing your max HP, allowing you to take hits and then heal through Necromancer Skills and dealing damage.

I recommend splitting the distribution of these Attributes in roughly ratio. You can put a few points into Memory as needed. Strength will not only increase your damage directly, but it will help you pass some persuasive checks as well as move very heavy objects not otherwise possible. Constitution is important for every character, much more so than in the first game.

necromancer build divinity 2

This means that you will have much more Physical Armour than Magic Armouras Strength-based Armour is skewed heavily towards physical protection. This is perfectly acceptable for this Buildbecause it is harder to be CCed by elemental effects than physical ones, an you will constantly be replenishing Magic Armour.

You can also acquire gear like Amulet of the Deep that grants immunity to things like Stunned or Frozenwhich is very useful. One of the hardest parts about making a Build in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is getting your Abilities distribution correct.Since the game is rather difficult this has come much more into focus than one would expect. Blood Mages typically have very good Armour and are extremely hard to kill because they can heal themselves and replenish their Armour both Physical and Magical as necessary.

The Stats on my level 16 Blood Mage. Blood Mages will focus primarily on Intelligence to increase the damage of a over half the Skills they use. For this reason it is recommended that you put a few more points into Wits than you normally would with other Mage-type Builds as you get later on into the game.

I would recommend a ratio of Intelligence to Wits. Keep in mind this is not a Lone Wolf Build. Blood Mages will prioritize Armour with bonuses to Warfare since it increases the damage of all their Skillsfollowed by IntelligenceCritical Chance and Scoundrel Scoundrel increases Critical Multiplier. This will help maximize the damage Blood Mages do. Shields should use Masterwork Runes for the increased Physical Armour, which also increases the damage of Bouncing Shield.

Always pick the one with best bonuses, not damage. Try to find a Shield with high Armour and 1 or 2 Rune Slots to maximize your damage. Any left over points should go into Scoundrel to increase Critical Multiplier. This will allow you to use the needed Skills for this Build and maximize your damage with them. If you are an ElfFlesh Sacrifice makes this a turn one thing, before you even cast a skill. Take this around the beginning of Act 2 if you can. This Talent can help you reach your target when you otherwise might be just out of range.

Can also damage Decaying enemies.

Necromancer Builds for Season 20 / Patch 2.6.8

Has very good range 13 meters which is nice. Also heals you for a decent amount of Vitality, which is nice. Not as useful early game as it is late game. Can also set Bleedingbut deals no damage itself. Infect — Just like Mosquito Swarmthis skill does decent damage and has very good range.

Divinity 2 Builds – Death Knight

Can set Diseased on the target, which can then spread to others. Bone Cage — A great skill for buffing up your Armour and the more dead bodies around the better.

Between this and Armour of Frost you should rarely take any damage. Grasp of the Starved — This skill when properly used deals insane damage and will all but 1 shot most enemies in its AoE. Be sure to use in areas with lots of Blood or Clouds to maximize the damage.

Blood Storm — Might be the single deadliest skill in the game.In this guide, we're going to go over four epic Original Sin 2 builds with vastly different focuses, from a stealth assassin to a masochistic necromancer who revels in taking damage.

With any of these builds, you could either co-op or even potentially solo your way through the game. With this build, you always want to be positioned behind an enemy for backstabbing and generally avoiding detection.

On the attribute side, Finesse is probably a better idea than Strength. Don't discount Wits though, as you get a bonus to initiative and critical chance. For your ability points, you want to put your points into Scoundrel for the critical bonus, and of course Stealth for the sneaking.

On the skills, Adrenaline is a must for getting enough action points to kill with a backstab in one turn. Throwing Knife and Backlash also lets you deal backstab damage, while Chloroform can knock out an enemy at the end of your turn without breaking stealth. If you go for a secondary ability beyond Scoundrel, oddly enough Polymorphing can be helpful, since it lets you fly around and avoid terrain or remove all negative status effects quickly.

The Polymorphing skill Chamelon Cloak gives you two turns of pure invisibility without breaking stealth. Warfare isn't nearly as useful as you'd think, since many of the associated attacks aren't helpful for backstabbing and Scoundrel already gives you a bonus to Finesse-based attacks. So long as you pick skills that don't break stealth and you have a weapon that benefits from the high Finesse, you can essentially cheese your way through any combat by staying hidden and then quickly backstabbing or knocking an enemy unconscious before they react.

Getting items early that provide teleportation abilities will be a must so you have maximum mobility. You will generally have lower armour ratings, since you are focused on staying hidden, meaning that status effects will hit you more often. The game is also a good deal slower and more tense if you are always sneaking and having to pay attention to line-of-sight cones.

necromancer build divinity 2

Rogue Assassin Build. Put either two points into the Necromancer skillor one in Necromancer and one in Warfare for the bonus damage. When you level up, place your combat points into Retribution. For your weapon, you probably want a big two-handed weapon that does the most base damage possible with devastating criticals. From the Necromancer side, you absolutely want the Bloodsucker ability, which lets you heal from the ever-present pools of blood on the ground.

You may also want to invest in the Leech talent to automatically heal from blood sources if you aren't going the solo route. Mosquito Swarm is another one that both deals damage and heals. If you are mixing Necromancer and Warfare instead of straight necro, either Crippling Blow or Battle Stomp is the way to go.

Your idea here is to always be healing yourself while reflecting damage back to the enemy. Every point in Necromancer means you automatically heal damage when you deal it, and each point in Reflection increases the amount of damage you automatically deal back to anyone who hits you.

In other words, just walking around getting damaged in combat lets you both kill and heal. However, this can be overcome by taking the Lone Wolf talent instead of Leech.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos.

Necromancers are very good at healing themselves, and Necromancer abilities can even heal the Undead. The passive healing from Necromancer works even when the character is affected by Decaying. People in the comments section complaining about this skill, like it isn't one of the most valuable skills in the game. Useful for melee, magic users, and healers. Another Occult class pretending to be a necromancer. A necromancer is a minion-mancer Put a lil provoke skill slap shackles take damage share exact same damage, and avoid death like a Necro a certain should, with lifesteal.

If I mix melee and Necro, I know that Warfare and intelligence scale the damage, but does wielding a STR based 2 hander with the two-handed skill also raise the Necro spell damage? For the longest time my mage seemed pretty useless in my party which had 3 phys Rogue, Warrior, Ranger until I discovered the necromancer tree. Now I can have a caster who can also actually do something along with my phys guys now instead tapping magic armor like a wet noodle all on her own. The amount of fights where shes just scratched the surface of magic armour while my phys guys had already eaten through the phys armour and almost have the enemy dead were too many to count.

The bloated corpse for 1 ap is amazing aswell for finishing off enemies, you cant see it here but if you combine a pyro book and a necro book you get a spell called corpse explosion, You can teleport a corpse ontop of an enemy for 2ap, blow it up for 1ap for hefty damage and then summon a bloated corpse from the same corpse you just blew up and then blow up the bloated corpse.

Its alot of damage and its aoe. I'm missing a lot of summon abilities like raise corpse etc. Now you have a different summoning class but there is one thing i don't get. Since it is a different class One of them always vanishes when i raise the other.

Don't have this problem with raise bloated corpse?? And all the NPC necros are also able to raise multiple summons. As i love so many necromancer characters this is the crappiest necromancer skill tree iv ever seen, No undead minions to summon or corpse spells and hardly anything that has to do with death spells WTF, I was interested in buying this game but after seeing this Ya no thanks. This skill tree has a lot of less then ideal entries, but the fact that this allows health recovery for even undead characters does make it worth at least a point or two.

Also, a necromancer warfare hybrid build with high intelligence and strength certainly has its merits.