Fiber optic outage

On September 15, a contractor in the heart of Missouri damaged a fiber optic cable that left up toresidents and businesses without phone or data services. It also knocked out some mobile carriers. No chatting with your pals about the weekend, no checking in with Mom. A cut cable made for a quiet day. Companies around the world depend on the Internet for daily operations. Employees and customers alike rely on it.

Step One: Get a second line from a second provider. That way, when a cable is cut and you lose one carrier, the second carrier line can successfully handle your voice and data traffic and you stay in business for the day. Even customers in rural areas and smaller cities often have choices for a second carrier. Step Two: Install an appliance to provide automatic failover in case of emergency, like a cut fiber optic cable.

The instant a problem is detected, all network traffic is diverted from the impacted line to the good line s. If the problem happens at 2 a.

Make sure the appliance also does load balancing, so you can take advantage of your second line under normal operating conditions to spread your data traffic among all your carrier connections and improve the overall efficiency of your network. Step Three: Sit back and relax. Our operations were not interrupted.

fiber optic outage

Business communication continuity is an area where Ecessa anticipates and eliminates problems for thousands of customers worldwide with its PowerLink, ClariLink and WANworX devices. Email sales ecessa. Share this article! The answer is really simple.Last Updated 23 seconds ago: Google Fiber offer broadband internet using fiber-optic gigabit communication. Google Fiber is available in select areas.

Google Fiber also offers television and online storage. No problems detected at Google Fiber. At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Google Fiber.

Are you experiencing issues or an outage?

fiber optic outage

Leave a message in the comments. Pro tip: if you had google fiber tv and cancelled the tv portion, and you start having internet problems, call them. Turns out the hard drive in the old network box died since it was to work with tv service and caused all sorts of issues. I've called support and I am getting conflicting updates -- no valid answers As we work from home -- this is creating a lot of issues.

Please advise.

What to Expect During a Power Outage with Fiber-To-The-Home

GoogleFiberDown googlefiberhelp. FSKansasCity Program guide on googlefiber still messed up. Royals not listed and Blues on the alt channel. SKC problem on Saturday was never corrected. I had so many issues with them. I felt like a kid on Christmas when I was able to drop them and get google fiber. Also, local competition is good. Make em sweat a bit. By the way, when you stop your TV service with Google Fiber they ask zero questions and no pressure. Looks like I have an internet outage at home.

It went out about today.A cut fiber-optic cable in Washington state is being blamed for a series of outages Friday in at least a dozen regions across the United States. The outages included services. TNS — A cut fiber-optic cable was being blamed for one of a series of Internet outages Friday that briefly interrupted services in Gig Harbor and created Internet problems in parts of the Seattle area, Portland, southern Idaho, and at least a dozen other regions across the United States, according to news reports and CenturyLink, whose customers were affected.

The cable cut occurred just after 5 p. Zimmer said crews had also resolved a second, unrelated outage in the Boise area, but did not have information about numerous other Internet outages that were being reported Friday night on social media and on specialty news sites.

The CenturyLink network continues to operate and we have been informed that any impacted services have been restored. Technology can go a long way toward improving the work DMVs must do in the wake of new federal requirements like Real ID or disruptions like a global pandemic. This website uses cookies in order to offer you the most relevant information.Widespread internet outages around the United States on Friday afternoon quelled productivity and sent irate customers to Twitter to complain.

Comcast and Xfinity suffered the biggest service interruptions across its internet, cable, and landline products. The company, which has more than 29 million business and individual customers, said on Friday that the outages stemmed from fiber optic cables at two internet infrastructure companies that were cut or otherwise disrupted.

Like virtually all internet providers, Comcast relies on a combination of its own fiber optic infrastructure and that of other partner companies to seamlessly route data around the world. Comcast says the two internet infrastructure companies involved are Level 3 now owned by CenturyLink and Zayo, a fiber company headquartered in Colorado.

Throughout the afternoon, the outage-tracking site Down Detector showed service interruptions at CenturyLink, Zayo, and Comcast, but the latter suffered the most severe consequences. CenturyLink noted that its two fiber cuts would not have been enough on their own to cause the outage, indicating that another also occurred, as Comcast said.

All impacted services in the area have been restored. Fiber cuts aren't necessarily malicious, and can happen as the result of incidents like severe weather or construction mistakes. They're also not terribly uncommon; when they do happen, the internet infrastructure community works to implement redundancies and traffic rerouting tactics so physical disruptions don't cause digital ones. In this case, the combination of disruptions in New York and North Carolina were enough to turn off the internet for millions of people.

The underlying physical backbone of the internet is surprisingly fragile, and failsafes don't always work. For example, in November, a tiny misconfiguration error at Level 3 caused outages around the US. And a digital attack on the internet infrastructure company Dyn famously caused major outages in because they were targeted at destabilizing one of the internet's underlying routing protocols.

By Friday evening, Comcast service had come back for many customers. But the underlying message should resonate: The internet can be more frail than you'd think, and sometimes all it takes to shut it down is a couple of cuts. She previously worked as a technology reporter at Slate magazine and was the staff writer for Future Tense, a publication and project of Slate, the New America Foundation, and Arizona State University. Read more.

fiber optic outage

Senior Writer Twitter. Featured Video. It stands for distributed denial of service, a kind of attack that turns insecure, internet-connected devices into a sort of zombie army. So here's how you can avoid being part of that zombie army.Check Current Status. Sad, you are all one. My husband would NEVER us his badge for a discount, but if your going to offer it to so called frontline workers then IMO give it to all first responders!

Get a damn tower up so we have more than one bar and forget the new contract come on. ATT F U you cut off lifeline to my super out there home. You are pure greed and if I could I'd cancel my involvement with you for ever. ATTHelp Forget it. You won't "get the help you need. They don't care.

Glad I'm a Verizon customer. We broke you up before, kinda seems you want that to happen again. They shut off my paid for service during a pandemic so I have to travel to turn in my school work. ATTBusiness I just got one months ago ATT Horrible horrible cellular service This site and our partners collect data and use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.

Learn More. Share them here. Useful comments include a description of the problem, city and postal code. Accept Reject. Los Angeles, CA. Charlotte, NC. Indianapolis, IN. Fort Lauderdale, FL. Fort Worth, TX. San Antonio, TX. San Diego, CA. Kansas City, MO.Lake Region Electric workers do recent installation work. A Lake Region Electric employee performs installation work.

But crews are continuing to work on installing fiber optic lines in the Tahlequah area. People need this service to be able to stay at home and work from home in order to reduce the potential to spread this virus. We are doing our best to connect new services as fast as we can, for as many customers as we can. Vahdatipour said a survey conducted about five years ago found nine of 10 members believed broadband internet is either "absolutely necessary" or "very important" to their quality of life.

The survey also reported three out of four respondents supported LREC's providing broadband internet. LREC then launched the Pilot Project, which included miles of fiber optic lines, and indicated it would be beneficial to provide service. The Phase 1 Project, completed in Februaryincluded over miles of lines. LREC is currently serving an estimated 5, members. Vahdatipour stressed that LREC has been able to achieve this service without any loans or grants from Rural Development.

It includes approximately 1, miles of lines and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of Phase 3 of the fiber project will follow and will cover the final 1, miles. Our employees and contractors are tirelessly working to expand this service, despite the challenging conditions due to this epidemic. Lake Region continues to operate with caution.

The lobbies are closed to the public at all three offices in Tahlequah, Hulbert and Wagoner. The drive-thru is open at the Hulbert office. The offices have been sprayed with disinfectants to sanitize.

Verizon Fios Outage Map

All disconnects for non-pay electric, water and telecom for members who are directly affected have been suspended. Employees who can work from home and have access to the internet are working from home. Crews will continue to respond to outage calls to ensure electric service remains available to members. Services will be held at a later date. Online condolences may be expressed at tahlequahfuneral. Services pending for a late date.

Condolences may be expressed at tahlequahfuneral. Sign up now to get our FREE breaking news coverage delivered right to your inbox. Edit Article Add New Article. Toggle navigation Menu. Close 1 of 2. Your notification has been saved. There was a problem saving your notification. Manage followed notifications.News News February 22, Most of Lake Tahoe was without internet for over 12 hours this past Friday after a garbage truck severed a Charter Communications fiber-optic line near the Minden-Tahoe Airport.

The incident also left Charter customers, including those in Carson Valley, without phone and television services. While the issue left many customers frustrated, it did not appear to impact critical services in South Lake Tahoe.

Though connectivity issues are somewhat usual in the Tahoe Basin, an outage for that long is unusual. Picciolo said in this particular instance, the line was severed in multiple places, which contributed to the lengthy fix time.

Details around how the garbage truck downed the line are still unclear. No police report was ever filed. Fraser was not on the scene, and could not provide any more details on how the truck came to strike the pole.

A similar incident occurred in when a truck pulled down cable lines in Washoe Valley, knocking out service to points south. Ina fiber optic phone line was cut during construction along Heybourne Road north of Stephanie Way. Douglas County was without service for several hours. Clarification: This story was updated to reflect that a fiber-optic line was taken down in the incident and not a pole.

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