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Here at SafeLink Wireless, we have something new! Introducing the new SafeLink Wireless app! Now you can manage your SafeLink Wireless benefits anywhere, at any time. Here is how it works: -Once downloaded, open the app and enter your SafeLink number. You will receive a text message with a code to validate your credentials. It's everything SafeLink at your fingertips.

Not a SafeLink customer? Apply now! Information may be transmitted with a delay and may not reflect actual balances. Version 1. However, when app restarts, I am prompted to sign back in every time the app is restarted. SafeLink is a colossal disappointment on so many levels.

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Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview.

apple safelink

Description Here at SafeLink Wireless, we have something new! Aug 15, Version 1. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller textPlus, Inc. Size Category Lifestyle. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Languages English, Spanish. Unrestricted Web Access. Price Free. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Nextplus: Private Phone Number.

Social Networking. Tennessee Felony Offender Search. Verizon Smart Locator. PhoneWorth Sell Phone for More. Facebook Viewpoints.Safelink Wireless is a mobile phone company of the United States of America that provides no-cost cell phone service. Their main aim is to help people from low-income families. Each unit family can benefit from Safelink Wireless Program every month.

The beneficiaries get Safelink wireless phones accompanied by monthly plans. The Lifeline Program, through companies such as Safelink and others, help people from humble backgrounds to access affordable cell phone plans and cheap phones. The program operates in all US states, more so in the rural areas.

Application for the Safelink Wireless Program is surprisingly simple, as you have to visit their website to apply. Alternatively, you can use the fax or email method. Once you apply, you can get Safelink compatible phones. However, note that you do not have the authority to choose your favorite phone. Safelink has a variety of services they give to their customers.

For an instant, the company offers three categories of call plans. You can get a minute program, a minute plan, or a minute plan. The minute and minute plans are unique in that you can carry them over to the next month if you do not finish them. For the minute program, they expire within the same month.

If you choose the minute plan, you also get texts per month. All the programs have a substantial amount of data for internet connection and a free government phone. Moreover, you can benefit from referring a friend program. The program allows existing customers to bring their friends, acquaintances, and family members to the company and get rewards, which includes minutes per referral.

Each referred person receives a bonus of 30 minutes. The program only deals with those that qualify for the lifeline program. The service is non- transferable. Again, only one person per household may benefit from the service. When registering, you must provide proof of documentation that you are a member of the Lifeline Program. You have to come with a compatible or unlocked phone.

Alternatively, you can get a telephone upon successful registration. More information is available at their website. It is possible to replace a lost phone. Most Safelink phones replacements follow a systematic procedure that ensures fairness and transparency. Before going for a replacement, ensure that you contact your customer care for assistance. They can help to deactivate your line so that it does not fall under the wrong usage.

Again, contact your insurer and inform them about the Safelink lost phoneif you do not have an insurer, you can rely on Safelink customer care only.

Next, change your passwords concerning bank accounts, social media, and email accounts. If accessed by malicious people, your data may be misused.Safelink Wireless is the largest and oldest provider of free government phones in existence today. With Safelink Wireless, you can obtain a free phone in addition to minutes of talking time per month and unlimited text messaging.

As an eligible participant, you can receive a phone with minutes free of charge. If you are eligible to receive a free phone from Safelink Wireless, you will not be asked to pay activation, application, or monthly service fees whatsoever. In addition, you will not be subject to passing a credit check nor will you be asked to sign a contract under any circumstances.

To qualify to receive a free phone from Safelink Wireless, you must be eligible based on government program participation or income level. Eligibility based on income is provided to you if you earn below percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

To determine your eligibility, Safelink Wireless may compare your information to that of a national database. Conversely, you may be required to verify your household income in order to receive a free phone from Safelink Wireless.

When you sign up with Safelink Wireless for a free government phone, you will receive a basic phone and up to free airtime minutes.

For the first three months of service, you will get airtime minutes, which include unlimited text messaging capabilities. If you feel that you may go over the given talk time minutes, you are able to purchase additional minutes for use with the basic phone provided.

When referring friends to the Safelink Wireless program, current customers can receive additional airtime minutes free of charge. If you qualify to receive a phone from Safelink Wireless, you will be able to choose from one of three service plans:. Plan 1 provides 68 free minutes that carryover every month, free international long distance calling, voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting.

Signing up for this plan will allot you three texts for one minute of airtime. Plan 2 provides minutes of airtime, voicemail, call waiting, and caller ID. Under this plan, each text message is equivalent to one minute of airtime, minutes are able to be carried over every month, and excluded is international long distance calling.

The 10 Best Safelink Phones Replacement 2020

Plan 3 offers free airtime minutes that do not carry over, voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting. Under this plan, international long distance calling is excluded from coverage. Safelink Wireless provides free cell phones and service to over 4 million people across the country and that number is consistently growing. The company is still expanding its services among other states, so the list of states covered is subject to change. To learn for certain whether or not service is provided in your area, go to the Safelink Wireless website and enter in your zip code.

If service is available in your area, you will be directed to the enrollment page of the website. If you are eligible to receive a free phone based on government program participation or income level, you can apply for a Safelink Wireless phone online.

Navigate to the official website and fill out an online application. In the event that you are not computer savvy, you may contact the Safelink Wireless Customer Service Department at You can return the application via fax at or by sending it through the mail to the following address:.

When printing the paper application, you must select between the program and income applications available. Qualifying based on income requires you to send additional documentation supporting your income eligibility. The program application allows you to apply for a free phone based on your participation in a government funded program. How to Qualify for Safelink Wireless To qualify to receive a free phone from Safelink Wireless, you must be eligible based on government program participation or income level.Who says that a smartwatch is not useful for senior people?

Smartwatches are a fashion statement for some, a neat piece of technology for others. For instance, they can provide medication reminders, track daily activity, and even alert loved ones of any emergency.

Some smartwatches can also take and receive phone calls, which is a particularly useful feature because unlike a phone a watch will be worn all of the time. If you are looking to invest in a smartwatch or fitness device for your loved one, we have prepared a list for you below which we feel covers the best devices available right now.

The Apple watch comes as an easy recommendation for the elderly due to its ease of use, and more importantly, seamless connectivity with iPhones. Chances are, most of the elderly would prefer to use an iPhone in the first place since iOS is much more intuitive to use than Android devices, and the clear winner for a smartwatch to go with an iPhone is obviously an Apple Watch. The latest Apple Watch Series 5 also has a larger screen, making it easier for elderly folks with limited vision loss to read the elements on the display easier.

Moreover, there are many helpful features baked into watchOS that could come in super handy for the elderly, namely the fall detection feature.

This uses the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors on the Apple Watch to accurately detect if the wearer has had a hard fall, and can even contact emergency services by itself if the wearer is unresponsive after the fall. Reasons to buy: — Water-resistant — Fantastic health monitoring features — Seamless connectivity with iPhones — Robust emergency features Reasons not to buy: — Expensive — Limited compatibility with Android phones.

Verdict: With its robust set of features, you simply cannot go wrong with getting an Apple Watch for the elderly. If you find the Apple Watch Series 5 too expensive, the Series 3 Apple Watch can be had for nearly half of the price with just minor differences on the hardware.

On top of that, the Laxido elderly GPS smartwatch is also waterproof, which means you can easily keep this watch on the wrist at all times, even in the shower. Reasons to buy: — Relatively affordable — Decent health monitoring features — Front-facing camera — Waterproof Reasons not to buy: — Not as intuitive to use as the Apple Watch — Not compatible with iPhones — Might be confusing to use. This way, the caregiver can be alerted on the watch whenever help is needed. The CallToU Caregiver Pager comes with 1 receiver and 2 transmitters, so you have everything you need to get started from the get-go.

apple safelink

The range for the transmitters is feet, which should be more than enough to cover most homes. Reasons to buy: — Cheap — Comes with 2 transmitters — Straightforward operation — Water-resistant — Good range for transmitters. Reasons not to buy: — Very limited functionality — Not functional outside of range.

Verdict: If you want to stay connected with the elderly folks without troubling them to use a smartwatch, the CallToU Caregiver Pager might be the next best option, as the transmitters are essentially just a simple-to-use button that can alert you or the caregiver whenever help is needed. This outstanding feature is also available on the smartwatch itself without requiring a phone to be tethered, as the Freedom Guardian has built-in cellular connectivity to make calls independently.

Verdict: The Freedom Guardian is a compelling smartwatch for the elderly in its own right, but the exorbitant monthly fees are far too expensive for most people. It features a blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, and an SOS alert feature that can be used to make emergency calls.

The watch faces on the watch are also very stylish, and thanks to its large 1. Durability is also another strong point for the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch since its screen is made with Gorilla Glass, making it much less likely to get damaged. Verdict: The Samsung Galaxy Watch is pricey but is easily one of the best smartwatches you can get for older folks. Despite its looks, the Fitbit Blaze is very well-equipped under the hood, with GPS tracking support, heart rate monitor, and a slew of health monitoring apps.

The Blaze definitely has a sharp focus on health monitoring, as its always been with Fitbit devices. On top of that, the Blaze also boasts great battery life, lasting about 5 days on a charge even with its large 1.

With that said, the Fitbit Blaze is starting to show its age in terms of its processing power, since the Blaze was originally released some time ago. The sleep tracking and heart-rate monitor would also come in handy to give preemptive health warnings, but the lack of a modern processor with the dated hardware might make the Blaze a tough sell when you can get a far more modern smartwatch with far less money.

Text and other display elements are prominently displayed, which is perfect for older people who might have impaired vision. While the Bip was originally designed as more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch, the features that come with the Bip makes it surprisingly viable as a smartwatch for the elderly.

Verdict: The Bip is a compelling option not just for older people but for everyone looking for a no-nonsense smartwatch that covers the essentials perfectly. The V. ALRT is a small keychain-sized button that you can carry around to send out alerts in case of an emergency. ALRT uses a traditional watch battery and can last up to one year. While that might sound amazing, the V. ALRT only offers a very limited set of features to make such a small device last so long.Tracfone is the main service provider with various subsidiaries including the SafeLink wireless.

Like any other normal phone, Tracfone SafeLink phones will allow you to converse with your family and friends cheaply and anytime that you may want.

apple safelink

Besides, either a regular phone or a smartphone that can be used with SafeLink wireless provider is equally compatible with the TracFone network. For a phone to be used on the Tracfone network technology, it be must be unlocked with a Tracfone sim card.

Moreover, SafeLink is a free cell phone service provided by the US government to the low-income earners who survive under the poverty level. For one to qualify, you must go online and fill the application forms, the application is then reviewed and upon eligibility, the member is notified.

Only one member per each household qualifies for this lifeline program.

The 7 Best Safelink Wireless Phones

The more below the family is under the poverty level, the more the free minutes it receives. However, all the unlocked phones and those that are upgrades at SafeLink store are SafeLink compatible phones. For its customers, SafeLink offers free wireless services and free handset for those that qualify to keep the subscribers connected to the telecommunication world.

Applicants for SafeLink wireless phones qualify if they only meet eligibility criteria outlined by the federal US government. The guidelines receiving state assistance such as Medicaid, public housing and food stamps. The beneficiaries should have a total household income that is at or below the state poverty level and no member of the household is enrolled in the SafeLink programs.

Besides, the SafeLink gives free cellphones together with a free monthly allotment of minutes. In line with SafeLink wireless, the low-income subscribers can own a SafeLink wireless phone and enjoy monthly cell plans and other benefits free of charge without the restrictions of a credit check, monthly bill or contract terms limitation. The service is government-sponsored and its applications in several states in the United States.

apple safelink

Upon receiving the phones, customers are sent a Tracfone brand name prepaid phone. If your phone is stolen or broken, you can take the initiative of doing a sim replacement phone and get the old phone deactivated it was lost or stolen. The first step is to contact the customer care representative and report the matter immediately. You must report any loss or stolen SafeLink smartphone as soon as possible to be able to get your replacement phone and any lost minutes.

When you get your SafeLink phone replacementconfirm whether it has all the components starting from the batteries, charger, sim card and activation card.Although there are many means of communicating in the current world, using a phone is one of the most used methods. Unlike other means of communication, phone communication will have more advantages.

Firstly a phone will be more convenient and cheap. You may send a text, email, video call or make a voice call. Unfortunately, not every individual will be in a position to afford a good phone that can serve all these purposes. This is the main reason why SafeLink wireless came into existence. Safelink wireless is a program that helps people who are less fortunate and not financially stable to get cheap phones with the little they have.

There are some eligibility conditions that you should meet for you to access SafeLink compatible phones. SafeLink Wireless is a program that was met for certain people and its not for everyone.

Some requirements are set to ensure only a few who are eligible will benefit from the program. If you know you are financially capable, there is no need for applying for a SafeLink compatible phone. You should leave it for the people who are not able to afford other phones in the market.

But if you know you qualify for the program then good for you. The process is quite easy and simple. If you are qualified for the program, you will enjoy using a new phone. You can upgrade it with new SafeLink compatible phones in the market.

Safelink compatible phones are just standard phones like any other phone. The only difference is that SafeLink phones will come from SafeLink wireless program and you will communicate with your loved ones unlimitedly.

A SaFelink compatible phone will perform all the tasks that any other regular phone can do and also user able to Safelink Phones Replacements. If you qualify for the program, then consider getting a phone from SafeLink wireless program.

Like any other regular phone, a SafeLink phone will enable you to communicate with your family members easily, cheaply and at any time you may wish. With a SafeLink compatible phone, you will be in a position to call or text your loved ones unlimitedly depending on the plan that you will have qualified for.

There are different services, and everybody will be eligible for a different program depending on your situation. Safelink compatible phones are not used for calling and texting only. There are also improved phones that are capable of accessing the internet faster and efficiently.

They will enable you to send emails, access social media, install favorite apps for, games, banking, movies, shopping, and many other services that you may get from an app. So if you qualify for this program and you are not using a SafeLink compatible phone, you are missing a lot.

Different models are available, and you will get the one that suits you best. With several great features, Luna 3 will enable you to connect with your family comfortably. Luna 3 has a 4G network which makes it very fast for browsing through the internet.If you are a Safelink subscriber then you know how losing your phone can be disturbing? But here is the good news, getting a new one is possible.

So, you might be wondering where can you begin the process. In this guide, we provide you with all there is to know about the best Safelink phones replacements Regardless of your reasons for replacement; the phone was stolen or got lost, you should be able to get new phone stress free at the end of this guide. Through the Lifeline programSafelink Wireless has provided free government phones with amazing plans that suit low-income earners who qualify for the program.

The Safelink phones replacements program allows you to connect to family, jobs and emergency services once more.

You are responsible for ensuring your phone is safe always. Safelink Wireless is the leading and oldest popular firm among the providers of free government cell phones. With a large customer base, there is an established procedure that bounds all the users with regards to phone replacement. So, if you lost your phone, then you will have to follow the terms stipulated under the Safelink Wireless replacement policy.

According to the policy, you are allowed to request a replacement when your phone is stolen or lost. However, the replacement is limited to one phone per user. If the replaced phone is also stolen or lost, you have to purchase another one. Furthermore, the replacement can only be a refurbished phone.

If your SafeLink Compatible Phones is stolen or reported missing, the lost phone will be deactivated permanently. You will be compensated only 10 minutes of the total airtime lost. In case the replaced phone is stolen while in transit, or before you receive it, you will be given another replacement phone from Safelink Wireless. Before I give you the step by step proves on how to replace your lost phone it is important to understand that Safelink operates under its parent company, Tracfone.

Tracfone is among the top prepaid cell phone service providers in the US. This means you can get the same services when using Safelink wireless. So, here is all you need to do when your phone is lost or stolen:. Once you receive the new phone, call the support team to have it activated.